The a:care program on adherence has been designed in collaboration with globally recognized experts in behavioral science and thought leaders across disease areas, to develop a unique expertise in improving adherence through behavioral science.

The program aims to help reinforce the alliance between the patient and their healthcare provider team. a:care offers information and training to healthcare professionals to help them identify and manage patients’ behavioral, emotional and psychological drivers which impact adherence. Ultimately, this empowers patients to recognize and build new behaviors that are personalized to their lifestyle and state of mind.

A key part of our educational tools is the series of masterclasses, developed with globally respected expert in behavioral science to share the latest behavioral science techniques on how to best help patients on their health journey.



Each masterclass is accompanied by a series of articles relating the insights on behavioral science back to clinical practice .

Behavioral Science and Menopause

The masterclass provides an introduction to behavioral frameworks to help understand adherence, and supports healthcare professionals to manage medication adherence with women going through menopause.

by Prof. John Weinman

Behavioral science and pandemic management

This masterclass covers the management of the pandemic from a behavioral science perspective. It looks into the importance of continued adherence during a global pandemic and how to change behavior at short notice.

by Kevin Dolgin

Digitalization and the role of innovation

In this masterclass, Professor John Piette provides insight on the latest developments in digital patient support programs (PSP), demonstrating how they can positively influence adherence in patients.

by Prof. John Piette