Our unique approach to improving adherence represents a new world of educating healthcare professionals and empowering patients, driven by the intersection of behavioral science and technology.

a:care is a pioneering program based on state-of-the-art research on behavioral science and medical adherence. It offers comprehensive information and resources to support you as healthcare professionals in better understanding the motivation, beliefs, and behaviors related to adherence, and how this can be used to provide care to your patients.

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A series of in-depth articles has been developed to provide digestible learning resources around the role behavioral science plays in adherence, including practical insights relating to therapy areas.

The COM-B framework and its use in explaining non-adherence

For patients with pancreatic exocrine insufficiency, there are a variety of reasons why they may not adhere to treatment. Some of these are modifiable. There is therefore a need for a comprehensive framework that assesses and understands adherence. COM-B is a framework that encompasses Capability, Opportunity and Motivation, allowing a precise understanding of the relationship…


Patient Support Programs: personalized digital adherence support

Patient support programs (PSPs) are designed to help patients with their conditions, including adherence They incorporate digital elements, including mobile health technologies Effective PSPs are personalized to individual patients, based on behavioral science techniques What are PSPs? Patient Support Programs are specifically designed to help patients in understanding their condition and taking medications directly. They…


Tools for the assessment of adherence

Combining measures and survey tools with objective measures can help to characterize patient health behaviors, with the potential to increase adherence Quantitative methods can be used to characterize health behavior Measures and survey tools are useful mechanisms to gain an understanding of health behavior, thereby providing effective support to patients in managing their own conditions.…


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The a:care program aims to help reinforce the alliance between the patient and their healthcare provider team. a:care offers information and training to healthcare professionals to help them identify and manage patients’ behavioral, emotional and psychological drivers which impact adherence.

A key part of our educational tools is the series of masterclasses, developed with globally respected experts in behavioral science to share the latest behavioral science techniques on how to best help people on their health journey.

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my a:care app

My a:care is a unique smartphone app that can be recommended by healthcare professionals to help patients manage their health and medication adherence.

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S.P.U.R.™ is a digital reference tool grounded in robust behavioral theory that provides new insights to better understand and engage patients.

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