Dr. Sheri Pruitt

Dr. Sheri Pruitt

United States

Former Director, Behavioral Science Integration, Kaiser Permanente. Principal and Founder, Evidence Based Answers, LLC (psychological and behavioral science consulting)

Dr Sheri Pruitt is a licensed clinical psychologist with 29 years of experience in academia, private and public health care systems, and independent consulting.

For 16 years, she was Director of Behavioral Science Integration, at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California. In that role, Dr Pruitt guided all behavioral change efforts in the Sacramento, California medical centers, creating large scale programs for physicians, employees, and patients, alike. She was a pioneer in digital health and the use of technology for health behavior change.

Earlier, Dr Pruitt worked as a scientist for the World Health Organization where she developed award winning, global models of care for chronic conditions and was the principal author of two books.

She was on the faculty at the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine where she gained extensive experience in research, publishing, and graduate level education.

She has maintained a private consulting practice throughout her career and is now focused exclusively on helping companies and organizations meet their goals using evidence-based strategies.

Dr Pruitt holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Education (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Oklahoma, a Master of Science (with distinction) and a Doctorate from the University of New Mexico