Session: Panel discussion – Sharing reflections and best practice

Too many physicians miss non-adherence because they are not aware of how common it is, and too many patients think that a decline in their symptoms means they have overcome their health challenge and can stop their medication. Having a long-term treatment prescribed is a huge change in a person’s life. Healthcare professionals need to be aware of how challenging the road ahead will be and support their patients along it. To reach long-term adherence, communication and education need to be a two-way street. Healthcare professionals need to help their patients understand the stakes, identify practical solutions for overcoming adherence barriers, clarify misconceptions and generate trust. Patients need to be open about the challenges they face in taking their medication and why they may not wish to continue. In this video, experts in medicine and behavioral science share what they have learned at a:care Congress 2022 and from their own practice.


Prof. John Weinman

Prof. Enrique De Madaria

Dr. Shashank Joshi

Prof. Pavel Klein

Prof. Marcus Malachias

Dr. Zuluaga Hector Medina

Prof. Badr Eldin Moustafa

Prof. Nuri Ozgirgin

Prof. Alta Schutte

Prof. Tommaso Simoncini

Assoc. Prof. Ngiap Chuan Tan