Session: Panel discussion – Raising adherence as a public health priority

This panel discussion aimed to identify and catalyze ideas to raise awareness of adherence as a public health priority. In this panel discussion, experts share their perspectives on medication non-adherence as a public health priority taking into consideration regional challenges and particularities. The group discussed the importance of building networks through workshops and conferences, raising awareness of medication non-adherence to key stakeholders including governments and health authorities, and leveraging the right tools to help disseminate information by collaborating with medical societies and journals for instance. The experts shared out-of-the-box ideas to ensure adherence becomes a public health priority.


Prof. John Weinman

Prof. Enrique De Madaria

Dr. Shashank Joshi

Prof. Pavel Klein

Prof. Marcus Malachias

Dr. Zuluaga Hector Medina

Prof. Badr Eldin Moustafa

Prof. Nuri Ozgirgin

Prof. Alta Schutte

Prof. Tommaso Simoncini

Assoc. Prof. Ngiap Chuan Tan